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07Sep 2017

Waste plastic We all know that a large number of food packaging for the three kinds of plastic products: polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene. Short period of time used to hold cooking oil, the human health is no hindrance. However, with them to long-term oil loaded, will pollute the food, causing harm to the human body. […]

06Sep 2017

Health Notice The main raw material for the production of beverage bottles is polypropylene plastic, non-toxic and harmless, for the consumption of soft drinks Coke-type drinks on the human body without adverse effects; but because the plastic bottle still contains a small amount of ethylene monomer, if long-term storage of wine, Organic matter, it will […]

05Sep 2017

(1) When designing extruded plastic bottles, if the material is made of high density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the plastic bottle shall be rectangular or oval. For materials with low density polyethylene or other flexible plastic bottles, The cross section is rounded as well. This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from […]

04Sep 2017

The current changes in the world economy, the domestic industrial structure is also in a continuous stage of upgrading. In the current industrial upgrading process, some low value-added enterprises by a variety of business difficulties encountered unprecedented challenges, faced with a variety of difficulties. Today, we talk about the turbo in the transformation of the […]

12Mar 2017

Two international food giants jointly develop environmentally friendly materials. March 7, the reporter was informed that the international food giant Danone and Nestle, and a US research company Origin Materials formed “NaturALL bottled alliance” to jointly develop biological materials (100% sustainable, renewable resources) made of PET plastic Bottle, and put it into commercial production. It […]

04Mar 2017

It is understood that the world’s two bottled water company Nestle, Danone together with a company called Origin Material in California, to form a coalition – NaturALL Bottle Alliance, to commercial production of 100% bio-PET containers. Coca-Cola has produced plant plants containing 30% plant material (PlantBottle), in recent years is very famous. Coca-Cola is also […]

28Feb 2017

IKEA products inherited the Nordic full of humanistic design style, to be close to the people of the price, by the young domestic favorite. In addition to cheap and cheap, the sustainability of IKEA has been advocating the way of life. Recently, IKEA home and the Swedish design company Form Us With Love (hereinafter referred […]

25Feb 2017

In recent years, the packaging industry packaging products, packaging materials, steady growth in packaging, new materials, new technology, new technologies, new products continue to emerge. As the plastic bottle in the plasticity of the material is often relatively strong, which makes a lot of packaging new technology in the application of plastic bottles to be […]

21Sep 2016

The production process of plastic bottle cap generally divided into two types: Compression molding and injection molding production process lid cover production processes Pressure plastic bottle cap production process: After the suction machine, the mixed material is sucked into the compression molding machine barrel in the barrel heated to a semi-molten plasticized state quantitatively extruded […]

19Sep 2016

Its colorful plastic bottles, unbreakable, durable economy, to people’s lives a lot of convenience, many of the import and export of food and beverage plastic bottles are used as packaging. However, this year, affected by “bisphenol A” and “plasticizer” storm, plastic bottles brought to the cusp. In the end what is safe plastic bottle, plastic […]

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